TransformARTive : Sherrin X Youth Opportunities 

Back to the studio - with a bit of a different shaped canvas this time!


Fleurieu Biennale : 2018 : Art Prize Finalist


New work : The Plant Stand 


Cloud Appreciation Society

My cloud piece 'Looking Up' features on the Cloud Appreciation Society website this week



Loreto college : SpringArt 2017

Snapshot from Loreto's SpringArt event  

'Celebrating 33 very successful years, Loreto springART is a significant exhibition in Adelaide's art calendar. Over 100 artists are featured exhibiting more than 300 pieces of incredible work.

This years event was Friday September 8 at 7pm with the official opening and Cocktail party and continues over the weekend of September 9-10.' @LoretoSpringArt http://www.loretospringart.com.au





Riding in cars with toys, 2017, Oil on Canvas

 Riding in cars with toys, 2017, Oil on Canvas


Commission work

As we welcome Mental Health week I thought I’d shine a light on this project I painted a little over a year ago for a wonderful lady I met through Central school. Dorothy Crosby, a SIDS & Kids worker and on site councillor at ACSA is just the loveliest of people. She helped me out with whatever mental blocks I was experiencing during honours year and the time spent with her was invaluable.

She was full of stories for the significance of this sunflower. The use of bright colours affecting our mood also struck a chord with me. I'd just started managing work full time, so painting time was scarce, but Dorothy was ever so understanding throughout the painting process. 

I can only imagine how many other lives she’s touched in her line of work, what a gift it was to be able to do something in return. ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป

For Dorothy, 2016, Oil on Canvas, 70cm X 70cm



Winter / WIP

Finishing this piece at long last.

 Riding in cars with toys (WIP/detail), 2017, Oil on Canvas

 Riding in cars with toys (WIP/detail), 2017, Oil on Canvas


Majestic Minima Hotel Art Rooms _North Adelaide



"Love this room? It was curated by the talented Tiffany Rysdale Visual Artist ! 

Give us a call on 1800 779 954 and request room #111 ‘Tree: Such Great Heights’."






SA Life Magazine

This old gem- painting 'Such Great Heights' features in article in SA Life magazine, about the Royal SA Society of Arts.


Real Estate Interior

Bit of a different platform! Painting from 'Chromazone' exhibition showcased in an interior shot on www.realestate.com.au


Espionage gallery presents 'The Upside down' A Stranger Things exhibition

"S01E03 14:45" Oil on board.
This one's a bit different. One for the Stranger Things buffs ๐Ÿ™I painted this little scene for the group show 'The Upside Down, A Stranger Things Exhibition' opening TONIGHT at the Darling Building on Franklin Street in the city in Adelaide. Curated by Joshua Smith and supported by Splash Adelaide the exhibition will transport you into the Upside Down for 3 days only. For more information email josh@espionage-gallery.com or check out Espionage presents The Upside Down on facebook. 


Dymocks mural now a POKESTOP!

I've had fellow artists and friends alike saying this is a career highlight, having your artwork as a Pokestop for the Pokemon Go app/game/thing. I obviously don't play it, but definitely appreciate the choice of location xx


Girls in Museums - @tifferee

Took some time out from work this month to some well-deserved overseas travel.

Seeing Yoshitomo Nara's art in the flesh in London was definitely a highlight. I also attended my first Pictoplasma event in Berlin, Germany. Pictoplasma is an annual international event which celebrates character art and design with conferences and exhibitions. 

Both Nara and Pictoplasma were focal points in my Honours final research paper, it was amazing experience these things I'd only written about.


BOWIE at Urban Cow Studio Gallery

Urban Cow Studio artists pay homage to David Bowie. Featuring the works of Ned Bajic, Julia Blanka, Tracy Chaplin, Elle Dawson-Scott, Sarah Donnell, Claire Foord, Brendan Garrett, Juju Haifawi, Erin Harrald, Sally Heinrich, Lisa King, Dana Kinter, Pip Kruger, Julian Lee, Cat Leonard, Ashley Playfair, Sean Powell, Tiffany Rysdale, Judy Schmidt, Jojo Spook, Dan Tomkins. 

Opening Night: Monday 7th March
Exhibition Dates: 3 March - 2nd April

Image: Lisa King (left) and Tiff Rysdale (right)


Floating Goose at BMGART 

BMGART kicks off 2016 with a group show featuring a showcase of works by the Floating Goose Studio artists.

I'll be exhibiting a few paintings in this group show. The exhibition runs through until Saturday the 13th of February, be sure to check it out! This is a really special show.  



Totally Wild.

This week's episode of Totally Wild is all about getting creative! I was lucky enough to have a little segment on my studio practice. The show is up on Tenplay now. 





Art Images Gallery: Christmas Show

 The Bunny Orchid Hybrid, Oil on Belgian Linen, 35cm X 65cm Art Images Gallery

I have a new painting in the upcoming Christmas Show at Art Images Gallery opening this Friday night. I've been sitting on this one for a little while, getting the colours right. 'The Bunny Orchid Hybrid' is part of the 'Growth Spurt' series from 2014. I selected the native South Australian flower the Bunny Orchid for it's slender shape and unusual sense of character.


SALA festival : Exhibition : Occasional Purpose



In conjunction with the 2015 SALA Festival, Floating Goose Studios Inc is hosting 'Occasional Purpose'; a live art exhibition held over 3 consectutive weekends. The exhibition sees 30 local artists create art live over three Friday evenings. Each night is an opportunity for the community to experience first hand, all the hard work, skill, talent, mediums, creativity and fun that goes into making art. 

Participating artists include: Mady Stentiford, Bernadette Klavins, Nick Hanisch, Seirian Kitchener, Luke Thurgate, Andrew Clarke, Pat Cassar, Leah Craig, Thom Buchanan, Glenn Kestell, Jane Skeer, Sarah Stocco, Alex Mullen, Tiff Rysdale, Bonnie Lawson, Jasmine Crisp, Ruth Wilson & Luke Wilcox, Datsun Tran, Tim O Shea, Gabi Cirrocco, Rohan Fraser, Timmi Tsiapilaris, Dominique Keeley, Christopher Carapetis, Lucy Turnbull & Irene Kontakos.

Gallery Opening Times:

Friday's 3-9pm, Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm

For more information on the project visit:




Or support our Pozible campaign at:



Network Ten visit!

Last week Network Ten dropped by the studio at Floating Goose and filmed a little story on my art. Nerve wracking stuff!